Monday, May 28, 2012

How attitudes turn to discrimination

What's wrong with prejudicial attitudes such as heightism?

Well these attitudes often lead to discrimination.

When a short statured person is bullied, rejected by peers and romantic interests, denied job opportunities, etc. there is a problem.

Heightism affects people's lives in negative ways. That is reason enough to discuss and challenge it when it surfaces.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's us not them?

Twitter poster Shane @ SliimSHANEY spent the better part of May 27, 2012 trashing short men on the social networking site.

He posted:

@SLiimSHANEY: if you're 5'10 and shorter and a dude and you not in a circus being a midget or working with willy wonka, you have failed in life.

@SLiimSHANEY: the funniest thing to say to a dude who's short is simply, YOU'RE SO SHORT. n wait, for the reaction.. it's amazing. they hate that shit

@SLiimSHANEY: lil bitter angry dudes symptoms: they get mad very easily, they think they hard as fuck but will run away so fast,yell a lot, easily angered


He was challenged by several short men on his hateful comments and his response:

@SLiimSHANEY: @MrDinBK @BJowersFLA yall are really taking this to seriously, it's ok that you're short. dont cry bout it in my mentions lmfao

@SLiimSHANEY: all his tweets are at random people who have made fun of short people..thats how serious short people syndrome is-> @BJowersFLA

@SLiimSHANEY: i've never seen a short dude so angry that he's short that he dedicated a twitter to defending short people till @BJowersFLA @'d me

@SLiimSHANEY: thats not activism , you're just short. RT: @BJowersFLA
You've never heard of activism or advocating for a cause, which is pretty sad.

@SLiimSHANEY: @BJowersFLA it was a joke, none of the other million short dudes took it seriously they're all comfortable with being short unlike you

A joke? Taking it too seriously?

Doesn't sound very funny to us. In fact it sounds downright hateful. This is heightism.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Twitter exposes heightism

Have a look at the continuous heightism posts that people have been publishing on their twitter feeds:

@IAmJaquansus: I really have a huge dislike for short people idk why.

@ary_yum: I hate short guys.

@KUSHsoRIGHT: It's just something in me that despises short guys. Shallow? I cares none.

@WendyKILLS: There's not much hope for you short dudes.

@OhMyKittyyy: I firmly believe short guys shouldn't be considered real men 😷 I'm sorry no offense

@ASS_TR0L0GY: short guys>>>>> can't be taken serious

@aIexanndra: short guys are the worst.

@itsbeckyparsons: Short men get caught under my feet #Pests.

@WillDavis0: I hate short people.. I will step on you

@boxlogoZebra: Some short people scare me but i know i could beat the hell out of them but they still scare me

@PaperPlaneLir: Short people should be stepping stools for taller people

@KendraDuPont: Ah, I don't see how people date shorter people than them. All short guys have little man syndrome. Thinking they are so tough & badass. LOL.

@DinaYMokbel: I hate short guys!!

This is just a very small sample of the heightism expressed on twitter.

Now if someone expressed these thoughts about black people, women, etc. people would be upset and condemn that type of behavior as racist or sexist. But what do they do most often when the hate is targeting short statured people? They laugh and/or do and say nothing!

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