Sunday, August 26, 2007

NPR Article Citing Taller Discrimination In Sports

On August 15th, 2007, Frank Deford, a contributor to Morning Editon on National Public Radio and an acclaimed sportwriter, wrote the following piece:

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After reading this article, I was confused. Let me first begin at the end of the article. Mr. Deford claims that, apparently, it is their (their being the taller..he is 6'4") ordained right to rule and they are so good at it. This came on the heels of his complaining that the shorter guys are ruling and that there is "gross discrimination" against the taller in sports among the coaching ranks.. What?

I am willing to bet that guys who are shorter coaches, like Lawrence Frank, coach of the Nets, probably had to work a lot harder than a taller coach just to get where he is. Perhaps Mr.Deford should be giving them credit instead of crying foul that a taller coach isn't in that positon. Perhaps that sense of entitlement mentality that Mr. Deford is exhibiting is widespread among the taller and that may make them more lackadasical in their approach. Could you imagine if he had stated that "white men should rule because it is their ordained right to do so."? What a statement of lunacy! People should rule as a reward for their hard work not by their appearance.

Now, let's address the "gross discrimination" issue. Can Mr. Deford honestly claim that their is discrimnation against the tall in sports. You have to be kidding! How many short guys are given a chance in the four major sports? You can probably count them on your ten fingers! Any QBs under 6'0"? If you are under that size in any one of the major sports, you are "undersized" or "small". Mr. Deford is right, there is "gross discrimination" in sports but not against the taller...please!

He states, earlier in his rant that because we are shorter, we are losing to other countries in basketball, then later says that the guards are as tall as the centers were twenty years ago. So, which is it Mr. Deford, are we getting taller or shorter, I am confused? I am quite certain that our last Olympic team was the tallest team of any in the Olympics. Yet, the gold medalists were from Argentina, are they taller than we? Once again, Mr. Deford doesn't point to the real problem.
These guys now don't work as hard as the "Dream Team" of 1992. They have a sense of entitlement and think it's their right to be there. That is the problem with many of these pro athletes nowadays. Of course the shorter ones can't act that way, they have to work their asses off to prove themselves every day or they will lose their position to a taller, lazier individual.

- Chris Hamre


Several months ago, I stumbled upon a blog which was criticizing our organization for discussing the issue of heightism. The poster accused us of being "wimps" and said that we all needed to have "our asses kicked". Apparently, this individual felt that only a wimp would complain about being picked on because of their height and he was tired of hearing about it.

I see it very differently. For me, only a man or woman of great bravery and strength would be capable of standing up before the world and declaring heightism to be wrong and demanding something be done about it. A coward is one who is too afraid to stand up against considerable opposition. This poster knows heightism is wrong. He knows that it hurts good people. Yet he favors an approach that emphasizes keeping your mouth shut and taking it "like a man". An easy way out that hurts only the one who refuses to do anything.

Instead, we at NOSSA choose to continue to stand up for short statured people, wherever and whenever they are faced with heightism. And in doing so, we will clearly show the measure of our bravery and strength.

Our latest podcast will address the issue of bullying. We will be talking with Guests: Chris Hamre & Steve Goldsmith. To listen go to: Standing Tall Against Discrimination!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Words Worth Repeating

I come across many excellent posts by members of our message forums at Recently, I came across this message on the website. I couldn't help but smile when I read it. I think this member's words are worth repeating. And to this member I say, Thank You!

"I feel the same way at times in public places,...I almost feel like people are staring or something,...but it doesn't bother me really I just go about my day and keep my head up. You never know though sometimes you might get stares because somebody thinks your attractive. It's happened more times than I can count and I would never have noticed unless someone of the opposite sex brought it to my attention. Sometimes it's all in our heads and other times people are really being bigots. I kinda like being the shortest guy in public or social situations because it makes me stand out and be unique. We gotta be positive guys sometimes people get bored with all same flavors of ice cream,....well the same can be true with relationships and social settings. I believe it's a virtuous thing to be a black sheep and proud that I'm not like anyone else. I would really love all the people that are taller than us to try to be unique and original,.....that might actually take some effort,.....and it would probabably involve taking those silver spoons out of there mouths just because they are taller,....but hey if they want to be bigots than forget them because wars are won by winning one battle at a time and we are a growing force and others who are like us and others who aren't are beginning to support us and recongnize that we are not that different and we deserve to be treated as equals. This war against heightism will be won one battle and one mind at a time but it will be won and our number will eventually multiply expotentially."

Friday, August 10, 2007 Offers Heightist T-Shirt For Sale.

The website is offering a heightist T-shirt for sale. The shirt, created by Angela from Sarasota, Florida reads, "Short Men Suck" To view the website click here. NOSSA has made contact with and hopes that the site's owners will remove the offensive shirt from their website. Until such time as that is done, NOSSA encourages everyone to contact the website directly and express their disgust.

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