Saturday, May 27, 2006

NOSSA Response to Mangano comments

Statement regarding the Nebraska child molestation case:

"Mr. Joe Mangano's statements are disgusting. We at NOSSA disagree with Mr. Joe Mangano 100% and he has been removed from his position as Secretary with the National Organization of Short Statured Adults. Our organization is appalled by the judge's decision in this case. We apologize for the pain that Joe Mangano has caused. Many people have already formed a negative opinion of our group because of Mr. Joe Mangano. The media has made harsh accusations before getting all the facts. Please be aware the remaining Trustees of our organization have taken the following actions in response to this matter:

1 - Joe Mangano no longer serves as Secretary of NOSSA.
2 - An official apology has been sent on behalf of the organization to various individuals and organizations affected by Mr. Joe Mangano's comments.
3 - A letter has been sent to Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning in support of the maximum penalty for Mr. Thompson.
4 - A donation will be made on behalf of the organization to Nebraska Children and Families Foundation.

Please let us know if we can do more to help. We are so very sorry for Mr. Joe Mangano comments. We hope that this negative incident will not overshadow the good work that we do in support of short statured people. Thank you.

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