Monday, March 19, 2007

In our opinion - Discriminates Against Short Men

We are in receipt of numerous complaints about the dating website -

Eharmony most definitely discriminates against shorter men. I applied
ages ago and was told I'm part of the 20 percent they can't match.
Out of curiousity, I decided to try signing up for the site with the same answers,
and different heights. I went once with my real height and my real answers, and got
the same message(despite personal growth in the last year or two, I my legs have
stayed the same). However, with the exact same answers, I set the height as 5'11"
and was immediately welcomed to the site. I think this is very clear proof the site discriminates against short men before they even join, and personally I think there should be legal action taken to bring
this to light. This would NEVER be allowed if a site discriminated on race or
religion, but this has somehow been accepted? I don't think this should be allowed
to continue.

We urge all short statured people to boycott this website until the company ceases this behavior and issues NOSSA a full apology.

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