Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Insults Are Acceptable?

Our organization, the National Organization of Short Statured Adults, wishes to make a formal statement with regards to an insult made by Mr. Barry Bonds. directed at Bob Costas. After viewing an episode of "Costas Now" on Wednesday (07/25), Mr Bonds responded to remarks made by Curt Schilling and Patrick Arnold, as well as Mr Costas, by referring to Mr Costas as a "little midget man who knows nothing about baseball."

While Mr Costas apparently didn't take too much offense by it but responded to Mr Bonds in kind, NOSSA finds the comment made by Mr. Bonds inappropriate and offensive. We at NOSSA are fed up with the public insults and in our quest for equaity demand an apology from Mr. Bonds at the minumum. Insulting another minority would at least warrant an apology, if not a suspension. They wouldn't have to put up with it, so why should we?


Christopher A. Hamre
Vice President

Comment by Chairman Campisi:

It seems perfectly acceptable in our society to disrespect people because they are shorter than others. You are absolutely right Chris. Had this athlete made a similar comment about a man's race, religion, or even sexuality, there likely would have been fierce outrage and public condemnation of the remarks. Heightism remains the ignored prejudice.

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