Thursday, October 25, 2007

Short Men More Prone to Pedophillia?

Recently, a study was conducted by the Toronto Center for Addiction and Health, which suggested that shorter men were more prone to pedophilia than were taller men. The study cited the fact that adverse conditions inside the mother's womb, which may lead to underdevelopment, can contribute to short stature and some psychological issues. This led to the assumption that a shorter man can have an attraction to children. Here is a link to an article from the Toronto Star:

NOSSA questions the validity of this study and wonders what purpose it is serving by releasing this information. Even if it is flawed, or skewed, it can still cause people to view us shorter people, especially men, with more cynicism than they already do. This story is inflammatory and could potentially lead to physical harm against short men who are otherwise innocent.

We are not going to question that fact that poor prenatal care, or irrresponsible mothering while a child is inside the womb, leads to poorer health down the road. However, to go as far as equating those issues with a propensity to commit heinous sexual acts against a child is preposterous and irresponsible!

It's bad enough that we are viewed as less intelligent than someone taller, seen as childish and immature, and unfairly labeled with a "Napoleon Complex" if we dare to be ambitious or outspoken; now we may have to deal with the stigma of pedophilia. Any other group would be outraged with this and NOSSA is no exception!

We do hope that all media types will address this particular issue immediately and not print or air the results of this fallacious and hurtful study.

I would like to thank Toronto Star reporter Lynda Hurst for her attention to this matter and giving us the opportunity to have our voices heard.

-Chris Hamre
Vice-President, NOSSA

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