Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why such opposition?

Why are so many folks so opposed to height/weight anti-discrimination legislation?

One critic says, "You are creating an opportunity for both plaintiff's lawyers and individuals to have one more basis to sue their employers for damages. It will keep businesses out of Nevada"

They are so worried about these lawsuits. If you aren't discriminating what would you have to fear? The courts will dismiss frivilous suits. The reality is that they know this goes on and they fear that a law such as this will cost them. It's a fact that people discriminate against short and fat people every day. The fierce opposition to this bill is further proof of that. If it were a non-issue nobody would care if this passed or not. The courts dimiss frivilous suits every day. It takes a great deal of preponderance of the evidence in order to be successful in a civil suit. Let's get real and ask ourselves why so many are opposed to this.

Other critics claim it will open up the floodgates and clog the court system. YET....

"For those who may argue that making these additions to the anti-discrimination laws of Nevada would open up the flood gates of lawsuits, I would point out that the law has been in place in the state of Michigan for more than 30 years and during that time there have only been four lawsuits," said Howell, an activist who tries to protect people of size. "Only four lawsuits in 30 years is not a flood of suits that will tie up our court system."

Another critic states, "Anytime I criticize an employee, I may be subject to the accusation of abuse," he said. "If I move their office, I may be subject to the accusation of abuse."

Mere criticism is not the basis for this legislation. We are talking about discrimination. Discrimination that must be proven in a court of law based on preponderance of the evidence.

Business's fear these laws because they know that discrimination against the short and overweight happens and a law like this will hold them accountable.

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