Sunday, June 03, 2012

Statement about Joel Morales

The National Organization of Short Statured Adults would like to offer our sympathies to the family and friends of Joel Morales.

Joel took his own life on May 29, 2012 after repeatedly being bullied and harassed. Joel was short for his age and an intelligent young man; these are the reasons he was targeted.
Too many of our undersized children are often the victims of bullying but it continually goes unnoticed by the schools, society, the media and by the government.

Any child who is targeted deserves swift action by those in authority. Inactivity on the part of the school officials, parents, law enforcement and the media sends a message that bullying of certain children is more acceptable than others. These people have the responsibility to ensure that all children are safe in the schools and, until they actually enforce their no tolerance policies for bullying, there will sadly be more victims of this heinous, inhumane practice in our schools.

NOSSA demands that all children get equal protection from bullying; short kids shouldn't have to be expendable!

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