Friday, January 20, 2006

Thank You Michael

UK Activist Michael Calwell is a pioneer in the movement to bring heightism to light. He states, "I have detected a seam of prejudice running through the whole of society regarding short people, short men especially. It involves a whole bunch of perceptions regarding physical and emotional strength, intelligence, competence, leadership and judgement. It's in the media, in people's minds, in the workplace - almost everywhere. And it's damaging and hurting countless decent, strong, able and intelligent people. " "I've never had, or will have a chip on my shoulder about my height. All I'm trying to do is challenge the assumptions people make about short people. I no more want to be taller than I want to be a fish. " Speaking to members of the Tall Club he states, "Does society look at you and say "They're so insecure, they've set up a club". No. But the minute I start talking about shortness, I have that kind of abuse hurled at me. Of course, that's par for the course when fighting prejudice. I can live with that. That's just part of the prejudice. Black people were called 'uppity n*ggers' when they confronted a white society with its bigotry. Heaven knows what abuse was hurled at the Pankhursts."

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