Friday, January 06, 2006

Where are we headed

NOSSA is a united organization of short men and women from around the globe, committed to opposing heightism in society, providing a supportive environment in which to share experiences, and promoting the message of self-empowerment for all of its members.

-Disseminate knowledge pertaining to the sociological, psychological, legal, medical, and physiological aspects of short stature as it becomes known.
-Encourage research by responsible professionals concerning the above aspects of short stature.
-To promote the acceptance of people of short stature in society.
-Serve as a forum in which important problems affecting short statured adults can be openly discussed in a climate unbiased by imposed aesthetic standards and in which solutions to these problems can be discovered and acted upon.
-Work toward demanding equal opportunity for short statured adults wherever obstacles and discrimination exist.

Organization Objectives
Immediate Objectives - Media Attention on topic of heightism.
Attainable Objectives - Growing International Membership.
Visionary Objectives - International Awareness and open dialogue.

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