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From my earliest memories, I can recall going to the hospital many times, was one of those miracle babies that was born premature with many medical complications, from not being able to make it the first night, to first week, the first month. 37 years later I am still fighting the good fight….Kidney and bladder problems left in the past, and forever shorter than the normal people.

Was during the late 70’s or early 80’s, I had many appointments with endocrinologists, and various other medical professionals to debate about my future. One such treatment option was the use of HGH to help bring me to a normal height. At the time the Professionals had topped me out to about five foot for the rest of my life. The medical complications and side effects were laid out for my family to discuss. I was just a little guy, but I remember this discussion.

The side effects of the HGH were liver damage, heart problems, and other various other medical, All these dangerous life threatening complications for a couple inches of height. In fact the amount of height they could not guarantee was about 2 inches.

The discussion was more or less left up to me, and there I was, a child faced with a life changing decision at an age where most kids are wondering which GI Joe to play with, I was about to make a choice that will forever influence everything in my life . I made the choice, Not to have the treatment, frankly, at the time, I was tired of hospitals, Tired of doctors and just wanted to have a normal childhood. I didn’t want to be in another hospital or see another doctor for as long as I lived. The actual side effects became clearer as I got older.

At an age of under 10, you don’t understand what heart problems are, you don’t understand what liver damage is, or where or what the liver even does. All I knew was that this treatment sounded worse than the positive side. What was 2 inches, if I was lucky to have gained? What is the difference between five foot and five foot two? Not a lot in my book back then and even less now. The world describes a normal male to be of average height of 5’7, the Average female of 5’4. The question is not about the numbers, but about the individual.

Being an active member of the work force it becomes clear that height plays a role in every aspect of professional life, Just look at the various studies done on salary based on employee height, Look at every store a crossed the country, Top shelf is regarded as the good stock, high quality products. To be a top shelf product a higher price also follows. This is the way the world regards height as well.

In the story books of old, we hear or read of the princess being saved by the knight, or the prince. The hero is always Tall, Handsome. Does this suggest that shorter men can not be knights or princes, or that shorter men can not be the hero? Does this also suggest that shorter men can not be physically attractive?

Did the leaders of long ago take any of this into consideration as they traveled the world and conquered cities, probably the last thing on their minds? So in today world how can it be such a moving topic. The answer is very simple. The world has evolved to a state to where the fittest survive , Where it is dog eat dog, and the one with the most toys wins. This being directly correlated to the ones with the best physical tools.

Now, I am the last person to say anyone is better than myself, That is my LEO ego speaking and is very true. Coming from a fighters background and being a natural born leader , I am not going to concede that someone is above me. Given the choice so many years ago, I feel I have made the right choices. And feel it is my job to inspire others to feel good about being who they are , and not strive for goals that are not God intended. If God had wanted me to be a 6 foot wreaking ball, That is what I would have been. There is a reason and purpose behind my height as well as my heart.

HGH was a big decision to turn down, Many feel this strain today. Being short in this world is a tough place to be in, But to be honest, This world is a tough place period. Is it really worth the complications to gain a few inches, Is it worth the hours of rehab, learning to walk again after lengthening surgery. It is really seated in the mental makeup of the individual, Are we going to let the world dictate that in order to successful we have to be a certain height. Or are we going to say tit is time , To make a change. To open the minds of the powers that be, To realize that being who we are is all we are going to be , and will not change our physical appearance to satisfy some “ Normal” Standard. We need to educate the masses , in fact the world, That being tall or skinny , or fat or short does not indicate the person. It is not what we look like that separates us, it is what we do with what we have that makes a difference.

NOSSA has given us a choice, a standing ground and a platform to launch an educational phenomenon. Bring the information to the public, Inspire change. Be a catalyst for improving life for all beings. Equal treatment regardless of height.

In the coming weeks, Months and years, I will be doing my best to spark an interest, and motivate those with a voice but without a platform. Those with an interest in joining or supporting this cause. Do some research of your own, Please visit or site. Speak up and speak out. Discrimination is a real issue. Medical cures are also a painstaking issue for people of shorter height.

Until the next issue, Peace.


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