Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One person, one state, one issue at a time

Let me begin today with some factual information. Here is a listing of some potential side effects to the HGH treatment.
Edema and Fluid Retention,
Liver Damage,
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,
Painful Joints,
Gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in males)
For more information, please follow the link below.

And a link to limb lengthening complications.

During the treatment or procedures, the questions remain, is the treatment or procedure worth the side effects. Even in the best cases, a minimum amount of change is achieved. From 1mm a procedure over many procedures, to an added 2 to three inches through the HGH treatments. From the Documentation, a limb lengthen procedure is to correct an issue to serious injury or chronic infections. Has the modern society determined that an average height can be described as such a physical handicap? Abnormal leg length and one leg shorter than the other due to some traumatic event is one thing, but to be subjected to this procedure simply because of the benefits of height. Without any real medical advantage seems to be unwarranted. The Procedure is a long drawn out process, leaving the patient wheelchair bound for extended periods.

A surgical procedure known as Symmetric extended limb lengthening (ELL). Numerous possible complications of ELL techniques are recognized, including nerve injury, infections, angulations, non union, paralysis, and increased hip flexion leading to dislocation of the hip, predispositions of early osteo-arthritis, re-absorption of bone ends, fractures and unequal limb lengths. Although the acute complication rate associated with ELL has been reduced, it is still substantial. Furthermore the long-term stability of extended limbs, particularly when subjected to physical or hormonal stress (including for example in pregnancy) or their long-term effects on the spine and pelvis are being evaluated but are not yet known. (
Again the complications seem to out number the benefits of the procedure. Today’s world seems to be built on the bigger is better premise. Bigger vehicles, bigger houses, bigger vacation packages. Everywhere we look today it is bigger. Massive SUV’s that can’t even fit into garages, To Burgers that rival towers, buildings stretching into the sky, is there no limit or sense to it all. Mountains tumble, Scrapers can fall. The bigger the building, the more damage if it collapses. But we keep on building higher, and keep on looking for the next “Big thing”.

Before recorded time, there was the big bang theory. Where the entire universe started out of almost nothingness, “God spoke into the darkness and created light”. How can something that started so small grow into what we know of the universe today, and are still expanding.

What does any of this have to do with the subject? All living creatures have a beginning, all movements have a start. Martin Luther King had a dream of equality. Equal treatment for all the races, where brother to brother we could stand together without prejudice. After all, isn’t that what we as NOSSA are trying to achieve. To inform the masses there is an issue. Education and develop of the cause is increasing. WE as short stature adults must take the message to the streets. Talking in chat rooms and message boards is not going to get the message out. I post almost daily to various web based blogs. The word is being passed around; I see it and hear it everyday. We are at the “Big Bang”, where our stance is going to explode onto a national screen. Where we can “Have a Dream”. Equal rights, Equal opportunities. To live life to the fullest.

This topic goes way beyond the interpersonal world. Short Stature men and woman face an uphill climb almost everyday. Be it in the local grocery store to the dance clubs to dating scene, to the business world. The ADA states that companies have to make arrangements to accommodate people with handicaps, within reason. This means supplying step stools, or wheelchair ramps. It is still a problem to have to find a person to get a stepstool, or a ladder.
This issue can also be said for those of extreme weight. Where no accommodations are made to help facilitate needs.

Many people are not convinced there is an issue here at all; this is where we need to educate. “The Today show” was a banner achievement, although it fizzled some in the end, the success was the message made a national stage. We must keep pushing. The equal rights movement is still pressing forward, King’s message had not been lost. We must carry on the same diligence. One person, one state, one issue at a time.

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