Sunday, August 26, 2007


Several months ago, I stumbled upon a blog which was criticizing our organization for discussing the issue of heightism. The poster accused us of being "wimps" and said that we all needed to have "our asses kicked". Apparently, this individual felt that only a wimp would complain about being picked on because of their height and he was tired of hearing about it.

I see it very differently. For me, only a man or woman of great bravery and strength would be capable of standing up before the world and declaring heightism to be wrong and demanding something be done about it. A coward is one who is too afraid to stand up against considerable opposition. This poster knows heightism is wrong. He knows that it hurts good people. Yet he favors an approach that emphasizes keeping your mouth shut and taking it "like a man". An easy way out that hurts only the one who refuses to do anything.

Instead, we at NOSSA choose to continue to stand up for short statured people, wherever and whenever they are faced with heightism. And in doing so, we will clearly show the measure of our bravery and strength.

Our latest podcast will address the issue of bullying. We will be talking with Guests: Chris Hamre & Steve Goldsmith. To listen go to: Standing Tall Against Discrimination!

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