Saturday, August 18, 2007

Words Worth Repeating

I come across many excellent posts by members of our message forums at Recently, I came across this message on the website. I couldn't help but smile when I read it. I think this member's words are worth repeating. And to this member I say, Thank You!

"I feel the same way at times in public places,...I almost feel like people are staring or something,...but it doesn't bother me really I just go about my day and keep my head up. You never know though sometimes you might get stares because somebody thinks your attractive. It's happened more times than I can count and I would never have noticed unless someone of the opposite sex brought it to my attention. Sometimes it's all in our heads and other times people are really being bigots. I kinda like being the shortest guy in public or social situations because it makes me stand out and be unique. We gotta be positive guys sometimes people get bored with all same flavors of ice cream,....well the same can be true with relationships and social settings. I believe it's a virtuous thing to be a black sheep and proud that I'm not like anyone else. I would really love all the people that are taller than us to try to be unique and original,.....that might actually take some effort,.....and it would probabably involve taking those silver spoons out of there mouths just because they are taller,....but hey if they want to be bigots than forget them because wars are won by winning one battle at a time and we are a growing force and others who are like us and others who aren't are beginning to support us and recongnize that we are not that different and we deserve to be treated as equals. This war against heightism will be won one battle and one mind at a time but it will be won and our number will eventually multiply expotentially."

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