Thursday, January 24, 2013

Message from NOSSA President

Thanks to Brent and Shamil. Thanks to Mike (who I still believe would have made a superb President ;) Thanks to Chris Hamre and Steve Goldsmith. And thanks to everyone who joined and supported us through the years.

It's a shame we couldn't continue but part of being a good leader is knowing when to fight and when to surrender. We just could not continue without a minimum level of support in the form of new memberships, renewals, donations, and active participation within the group.

I am confident that new leaders will emerge and continue the cause. Hopefully, a new organization will spring forth from that. I wish any new blood the best of luck and hope that they are able to achieve great success. If NOSSA was nothing more than a seed that gave birth to new leaders, then I consider it a great success!

NOSSA President


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