Saturday, January 19, 2013

NOSSA Secretary's Thoughts

I have to say that more so than NOSSA coming to a close, the thing that pains me is the reason behind it needing to do so and that is the indifference toward heightism and the fact that most people think it is a joke.

I would also like to add that while I was still holding my notions about how wrong heightism was inside, NOSSA was out there in the world in the face of overwhelming odds. I saw the documentary of the guys getting ridiculed in the streets. I knew that ridicule well because I still face it today. However, the guys from NOSSA were out there taking that ridicule voluntarily. That is something I will never forget. I had spoken out about how harsh the treatment I received was but was always met with harsh opposition, ridicule, and the blame was always placed on me for taking exception to the discrimination instead of on those perpetrating the discrimination. Therefore, the only tactic I could use was the "ignore it approach." At the time, I didn't know how wrong this was.

So thanks to guys like Matt who were out in the open doing the right thing. Thank you to Mike for extending your offer of friendship and being a warrior for the truth. It is still an extremely hard battle to fight and we are against great odds. Thanks to everyone who made NOSSA a pioneer in the effort with social justice. What I have learned is that the losing battles we fight courageously are far more worthy than the fleeting sense of peace we get by not fighting the same battle in exchange for a few moments of comfort here-and-there.

I really do see the people who speak-out about these issues as my brothers and sisters. So while the family name may be fading, that doesn't mean we can't continue the great family tradition we have cultivated here. It's sad to see this legacy coming to a close before a decade even elapsed, but all of you who got this momentum started, just know that your efforts weren't in vain. Thank you for having the courage, passion, and drive to bring the dialogue to a more equal and fair position. Society has benefited greatly from your efforts.

Peace and good vibes to you all

- NOSSA Secretary

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